Top Ways To App Store Optimization [iOS And Android]

What is ASO or App Store Optimization? Discover how to stand out in the app stores.  The rise of mobile applications is inevitable and unquestionable, especially since most people have smartphones today. With millions of applications active in online stores, you need to think about how to position yourself among the first in searches. That’s what App Store Optimization, or ASO, was born for.

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These types of stores specialized in applications are very competitive showcases, since it is through them that users look for tools that help them in the execution of the most diverse daily tasks. This application optimization strategy works for all types of businesses since there is the possibility of bringing the brand closer to customers to meet what digital marketing demands: engagement, education, conversion, and loyalty.

Do you want to know ASO in a more detailed way? Well, then stay and keep reading. We will tell you everything including what it involves, what are its advantages, and the differences between the main two mobile application stores. If you have such a program or are planning to develop one, then our ASO strategies can help you out win competition.

What Is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

App Store Optimization, or ASO, is a search results optimization strategy for app stores, just like SEO is for Google. However, there are some differences between the two. In SEO, site optimization is for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, while ASO focuses on app stores like Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The goal here is to increase the number of downloads and decrease the uninstall rate.

There are also differences in the structures: while for App Store Optimization it is important to pay attention to the title, description, keywords, backlinks, and user evaluations, SEO focuses on the title tags, keyword volume, meta tags, and the backlinks, or backlinks.

In addition, ASO’s main task is to optimize the application so that it advances positions in search rankings. The logic is simple, the better the ranking, the more organic traffic the application page will attract, which guides the user to perform the main action: download the program.

This process becomes important for all types of businesses: both those that are growing, and those that already have this software. Therefore, everyone who participates in development and dissemination processes needs to know the strategies of App Store Optimization.

Benefits Of Optimizing Applications

Optimization of applications is very important to be easily found at the right time. Therefore, the main advantages of this process are mentioned below.

Improves Visibility In App Stores

One of the goals of App Store Optimization is to climb the program’s ranking, which has a direct consequence of better visibility. If the right user for you, that is, your potential lead, looks for an application like yours but cannot find it, they will choose another option.

On the other hand, there is also the type of user who does not know that he needs your tool until he finds you as one of the first options and discovers your brand as the ideal solution. This is another good reason why your application should be easily discoverable.

Increases The Number Of Organic Discharges

The increase in the number of organic downloads occurs when there is an optimization strategy, such as choosing the relevant keywords (read on, we’ll come back to this later).

With these organic downloads, the amount of ad spend can be reduced. As a direct consequence, the CAC, or acquisition cost per user, decreases. This metric is widely used to measure the profitability of the company.

Conversion Rate Growth

Growth rate for App Store Optimization

Users who have downloaded organically tend to bond with the brand. Thus, customer loyalty becomes a less complicated task. In addition, the business can become a niche reference, which is why it will appear more and more frequently as a recommendation to other users.

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Differences Between iOS And Android App Stores

We have already told you what the optimization strategy for applications consists of and its great advantages. Now, let’s focus on the difference between the app stores available today. Both the Apple App Store (iOS) and the Google Play Store (Android) put the user experience first. Still, there are differences between the two, such as the way keywords are evaluated and the review time.

App Store (iOS)

The iPhone and iPad app store provide a specific 100-character field for adding keywords, but they cannot be repeated in any other field. The title can be up to 255 characters long, and you will get a good grade if the keyword appears in the title. However, you must be careful not to add all the keywords, as Apple may classify the tool as spam.

Google Play Store (Android)

The Play Store follows a process similar to that of the Google search engine, as it takes into account all the textual elements, including the way the keyword was used. The difference is that there are only 30 characters available.

How To Do App Store Optimization?

Now you know what ASO is, however, it is important that you know how to do it in practice. The App Store Optimization is closely connected with the appearance of the program and does not interfere with the quality. In addition, any optimization requires attention to the requirements stipulated by specialized stores, with the aim of improving the user experience more and more.

We are talking about this because, in a matter of seconds, users analyze various points that are extremely fundamental for decision-making. So if you want to get the most out of it, follow the strategies we have mentioned below.

Have An Optimization Strategy

A good optimization tactic is choosing the correct and most relevant keywords. That is, those that users type in the search field. For that, it is necessary to carry out a market study and know the buyer person, that is, that fictitious profile that represents who would be the ideal client for your business.

Make Good Use of Name, Icon, And Description

Choosing the correct name is also essential for ranking: a good name has the power to describe the function of the application and cause different sensations in the user, depending on the niche. Remember that it should be easy to pronounce.

The icon is equally important to increase reliability, especially since it is one of the first contacts of the user with your brand identity. The description also plays its role, and we insist: it must contain the keywords and be objective, describing the main function of the program.

Correct Category for App Store Optimization

The choice of category will influence the ranking of any software, as some are more popular than others. Your tool will have fewer downloads if you put it in the wrong category, as it will not be relevant to your ideal customer.

Use Quality Images And Videos

Here the advice is simple and powerful: bet on good quality images and videos on your application page. This is your time to convince the public with visual appeals to increase the perception of the program’s reliability.

In addition, the photos and videos serve to guide the user as to how the program works in a more dynamic way. So, go for high-quality images.

Encourage User Evaluation

User evaluation has a lot of influence on the ranking of stores and the reputation of your software. In this way, you encourage repeat customers to rate the experience and even recommend it to friends and family. To further help in the ranking, always answer questions and comments to be present and take care of the user experience.

App Store Optimization Importance

Once you have decided to optimize your application in stores, you will be able to enjoy all its advantages such as, the program will be found more easily, your buyer persona will understand that your business is the ideal solution and the number of organic downloads will increase. Speaking of optimization, did you know that there is the possibility of optimizing videos to reach the top in Google searches? Well, we will bring you the best ways to achieve that soon.

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