Importance Of Ad Servers In The Cookieless Future

In the life of companies and industries, there are moments when there are great ‘Himalayas’ to face. Its vertical walls paralyze many. However, the most audacious is capable of undertaking the ascent to reach the longed-for summit and from there gaze at the immensity that appears on its horizon. That being said, has the world ever faced a phenomenon such as a cookieless future? How will it impact businesses? We may have a way out.

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Something similar is happening in the digital advertising industry. Until now, brands and agencies lived in an environment, more or less quiet, with well-defined rules of the game. Also, it was something that allowed them to reach consumers in the best possible way, adapting their campaigns to their tastes with the famous third-party cookies. However, as an insurmountable wall rises the recent announcement by Google of the disappearance of these cookies in 2023. To which is also added that of mobile identifiers (MAIDs). All this will lead to a new environment much more complicated for buying media, due to the fragmented measurement of campaigns as a result of multiple IDs.

Furthermore, in the face of challenges, boldness, and faced with a whole new layer of unseen future, there is a solution. An interesting document is all about this entitled Get Ahead of the curve. How to prepare for the Cookieless future prepared by our company and as a contribution to the improvement of the digital ecosystem. Since it is a roadmap to help marketers to be prepared and face the cookieless future so that they can optimize digital campaigns in the new scenario.

The Path

So, what is the path? This goes through digital identity since it is an element that supports all aspects of the life cycle of digital campaigns, from onboarding or incorporation to achieve an excellent start of a relationship with the consumer, activation, prospecting for new customers with which to reach high-performance audiences, as well as retargeting and even personalization of creatives, data, and measurement.

Unique IDs

Along with the above, moreover, on the purchasing side of the digital ecosystem, technology providers have been quick to introduce their own version of an ID designed to operate in a cookieless environment. At the same time, significant progress is being made to activate these identifiers on all shopping platforms. Although it must be taken into account that as a consequence of the loss of the personalization of the campaigns through cookies, it is being observed that advertisers are going to need several IDs on the purchase side to reach the scale they need and execute their Omnichannel campaigns.

Advertising Servers

As a result, there are also a number of challenges around measuring campaign performance and creative customization. So, how can advertisers safeguard digital campaigns? The answer is found in the advertising servers, which are the most viable solution to this situation. Since the ad server is the only tool in the technology stack where identity data and campaign data can be unified both at the user and print level. In addition, it is the technology of the digital advertising process with which the final consumer is reached in what is known as the “last mile” or final phase of the customer journey.

However, for this, the ad server must be able to provide a unified identity, taking into account all digital identification spaces, both for measurement and personalization. At the same time as offering an impartial measurement (reach, frequency, and attribution) and without conflicts in the purchase of media. As well as, on the one hand, allowing advertisers to work with the best partners of their own choice and safeguarding the property of advertisers on the data of their campaigns. And on the other, respect the privacy rules, giving the customer information and purchase options in each impression.

The route is marked. Now, digital marketers have to implement solutions that link the different IDs for optimal campaign management in the new cookieless future. Moreover, think about the ad server, trustworthy and independent, end-to-end, that unifies the different IDs of the consumers in all the identification spaces for the measurement and personalization of the campaigns, with which they will work.

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