Best Ways To Make Email Marketing Campaigns Work [2021]

Importance Of Ad Servers In The Cookieless FutureOne of the most powerful channels to sell on the Internet is the classic email. Hard to believe? Well, statistics suggest otherwise as brands continue to use email marketing campaigns, still in 2021, to promote their products and services.

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According to Statista, the number of email users globally already exceeds four billion and is expected to reach 4.6 billion by 2025. As an address, a virtual address is also a means of online location, a center to receive information from other people or companies. In addition, payment pages, event registrations, and social networks themselves require registering an email.

It all boils down to how many times do you check your inbox on a daily basis? Whether for work, to read a newsletter, or waiting for an important response. Regardless of the motive, the frequent use of email continues to be high.

Through the sales funnel, this tool manages to strengthen the relationship with potential customers, in addition to awakening desire, bringing relevant content, and giving the feeling of exclusivity combined with assertive and powerful mental triggers. This is why email marketing campaigns can be crucial for businesses looking for more conversions.  

So, are you interested in working with email marketing campaigns in your business and expanding your sales? Then discover our infallible, guaranteed tips that we have prepared for you to start right now!

Focus On Customers And Your Value Offering

What does your client need? What is your pain? These are two questions you have to answer. The content of your email must be totally focused on the client and the solutions that your business can offer them. You have to present a value proposition to him and show that it is worth signing up for your contact base.

Think about this: why, among so many other brands on the market, would a user choose to buy from you? What benefits will they get by opting for your product or service? 

Keep all these questions in mind when formulating good content with a focus on selling with email marketing campaigns.

Create An Email List Organically

Don’t buy contacts for your database! Buying an email list has many negative points, such as having an audience that does not dialogue with the universe of your brand, not having any connection with these contacts runs the risk of falling into spam, and legal problems that we will talk about later.

That is, it is not a good practice for a business that wants to create authority in the market and build trust in its audience. Also, no one likes having their data leaked only to receive a bunch of spam messages.

So, the best approach is to build a network of contacts organically and strategically so that you can make the most of it and finally get to sell by email.

Create a digital product and an offer in exchange for contact information, place a form for a newsletter on your website or blog and collect each email address in a consensual manner. This is how you will set up a basis that ensures that the public is more than prepared to receive your contact.

Do A / B Tests

The A / B test has the function of analyzing which content is most attractive to your audience and which ones generate better results. In short, it is about sending two similar messages, but changing some key elements, and measuring which of them works better.

The differences between one message and another can be subtle at a glance, such as an image, a title, the body of the text, a CTA, or where the link will be. This technique is a widely used method to improve digital marketing strategy and is a more concrete way of looking at what is working and what needs to be adjusted.

Currently, there are email marketing tools that send and collect data related to A / B testing. So, don’t stop doing these tests on a regular basis so that you can figure out your customers’ preferences and inclinations towards your products.

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Bet On Personalized Emails

Everyone likes to feel important and that is why your emails should also make potential customers perceive that they are special to your brand. You must know your audience and your buyer persona very well to produce increasingly personalized and authentic content.

Create titles and add the person’s name to the email; segment leads according to topics of interest, and make the message more empathetic and pleasant. This will increase open rates and conversions, as well as bring you closer to your audience after they read your personalized email and realize how important they are to your brand.

Simple Is Worth Gold

With so much content on the internet, it is a great challenge to hold the user’s attention for a few minutes. So, try to write objective and short messages that are attractive to the public already. Don’t go overboard with your product or service disclosures and discuss the best time to make an offer and have a good dialogue before making your proposal.

Measure The Data

Don’t even think about leaving out the metrics! Track the metrics of the emails you send to check open rates, link clicks, and conversions. If an email did not work so well, try to understand what factors contributed to this result and how you can improve this scenario for future shipments.

Measuring the data is also studying your audience and perfecting your email marketing campaigns. Without study, there are no results and without results, there are no sales.

This is a job that you have to do constantly. Only then will your brand be prepared for changes in the digital market industry and continue to progress and prosper. 

Avoid SPAM

Spam hurts your results and reputation with the public, but there is an aggravation when sending messages without users’ permission. To receive your brand content, the interested person must provide their email to your contact base.

When you buy lists, collect emails without due consent or send unwanted content, you violate the guidelines of data protection laws that guarantee the security in the use, exchange, and storage of personal data. Walking down this path damages the image of your business and affects your overall standing. Consequently, you will not have good sales results in the long run.

Bonus: Learn Copywriting Techniques

Here is an additional tip that will contribute to conquering new clients. Copywriting is a persuasive writing technique widely used on sales pages, but make no mistake: it is not limited to this format alone.

Email is an excellent channel to apply persuasive texts that will generate more conversions and sales. That strategy will change the way you produce your texts, making your content and your products even more irresistible.

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